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Biometric FingerPrint Authentication for BSD/Linux


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3 June 2007
A project is no more supported.

24 May 2007
New BFPSDK 3.0 had ported to x86 platform Solaris 10 (with libusb).

7 October 2006
BFPSDK 2.1 is announced.
This version has a native support for Mac OS X (Intel platform).
FtrScanAPI support is added as BFPSDK features.
LiveFingerDetection (LFD) option is added as BFPSDK features (based on FtrScanAPI).

24 July 2006
Capture Image SDK (CI-SDK) was created as subpackage for BFPSDK2.

23 June 2006
BFPSDK2 version 2.0 was succesfully ported to MAC OS X 10.4.5 (Intel platform).

24 April 2006
BFPSDK2 version 2.0 is available. More information can be find in the documentation section.

13 April 2006
BFPSDK versions 1.x are no more supported.

12 April 2006
Added packages for Suse Linux 10.0

14 November 2005
Added packages for Slackware 10.2

10 November 2005
Added packages for NetBSD 2.1

9 November 2005
Added packages for OpenBSD 3.8

8 November 2005
Added packages for FreeBSD 6.0
Switched to libusb 0.1.10a

5 June 2005
Added packages for Fedora Core2 Linux

16 May 2005
Added packages for FreeBSD 5.4

13 April 2005
Now this project has good responses from many people (thank you). It is very nice for any developer. But many people ask
about possible support of other scanners exceipt Futronic and about availability of sources of BFPSDK and
biometric engine algorithm. The project author IS NOT the owner and the creator of the biometric engine used
in BFPSDK. Any biometric algorithm (engine) is used very complex mathematical model with some or many empirical
assumptions. Author don't know how to adapt or adjust this biometric engine for any scanner. Only the biometric engine
developers will be able to do this. Only after this adaption author could be add this new or updated biometric engine and
command set of other scanner for BFPSDK.
Therefore please contact directly to Futronic for any question about license or sources of algorithm, or support
of any other biometric scanner from the other vendor.

11 April 2005
Added packages for FreeBSD 4.11, Mandrake Linux 10.0, and QNX 6.

10 January 2005
Public message about this project.

December 2004
This site is started.

August 2004
First public installation of BFPSERVER is successfully running in radiobroadcasting company "Mayak".
One scanner is installed in server's room and yet one scanner is installed on administrative Windows machine.
Administrators can be logged with standard login or SSH using these scanners from
many Unix servers, Unix workstations or Windows workstations. A remote access from the home with the biometric
authentication can be used if home computer has the attached local scanner.

July 2004
First installation of BFPSERVER is running on my main development computer,
you can see the sample logging from this server on BFPSERVER's page.

June 2004
Initial version of BFPSERVER was created.

April 2004
First public demonstration on specialized show in Moscow (Expocentre).

March 2004
Initial version of PAM_BFP package was created.

January 2004
Initial version of BFPSDK package was created.

December 2003
Project started.

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