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Biometric FingerPrint Authentication for BSD/Linux


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Main goals of this project:

1) Wide distribution of biometric fingerprint authentication solutions on Linux/Unix platforms.
2) Even though most algorithms will be available only in object form, it's possible to create a high quality and successful software for developers and users.

License policy

Software for this project is distributed under BSD-style license

All rights to biometric engine (algorithm) are copyrighted by Futronic. For any questions about algorithm please directly contact to Futronic, not me.
Futronic has the own software for Microsoft Windows platform. Software of this project and Futronic software for Microsoft Windows paltform have nothing common. Also Futronic company has none rights and assumes none responsibilities to software of this Unix/Linux project.


Main developer of this project is Dmitry V. Stefankov (alias wizard).   Personal page:
E-mail for this project:  
Other projects:   TPmail

History (from wizard)

In 2000-2001 years I worked for Biolink, well-known innovative biometric company. Good company (always keep good company!). Nice people. Company had developed all their solutions for Microsoft Windows platforms and didn't had any plans for Unix world. But I wanted to port and used this biometric software on Unix/Linux platform. Of course, I also wanted to see this software to work on my main platform - FreeBSD. These plans were failed and I leaved company at Spring 2001.

Good people (always keep also good people!) found me in November 2003 and gave the initial sponsorship to create the biometric software for Linux. This was company Futronic - manufacturer of biometric hardware and software. I must to thank this company also for a given permission to distribute this open-source package.

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