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Biometric FingerPrint Authentication for BSD/Linux


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BFPSERVER: Biometric FingerPrint Authentication Server

Brief description

BFPSERVER is a biometric authentication server using modern fingerprint identification technology for tasks and networks of small, middle and large scales.

Currently in many fields a biometric authentication has a need in various servers of biometric authentication. Please note that biometric task is the same for all fields: Are YOU or Are NOT YOU? But purpose of such biometric authentication will be different. For examples, when the user must be logged in computer network it is neccessary to store on server his/her credentials (usuallly account/password). And if you are used biometric locks then it is enough to store user's name and/or short description. Sometimes it is very neccessary that some information will be get only by one person. In this case a biometrics could be helpful. According new requirements and tasks new generation of biometric servers like BFPSERVER will be developed.


Platform/Operating System
Independent:   required support of ANSI/ISO C and Posix threads
Microsoft Windows:   any, required Winsock2
Unix/Linux:   RedHat,Suse,Debian Linux, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, NetBSD

Size:   upto 10,000 persons
Format:   proprietary
Encryption:   supported Blowfish, AES, GOST
Integrity:   supported by MD5, SHA1, GOST
Encryption keys storing:   on server or external media (token and other)
Type of stored information:   any (unlike all existing servers)
Support of foreign databases:   supported by add-on modules
Backup:   manual or automatic

Multi-threading and SMP
Server is implemented as multi-threaded server.
SMP is allowed to support performance and scalability.

Biometric engine (algorithm)
High-performance:   upto 10,000 compares/second

Basic functions (4/6)
Add/update person
Delete person
List/Return data about person(s) or just other data

Additional functions
Administrative tasks: check server's ready and others

This SDK is allows easily to add biometric authentication in any application (enroll once, identify many).
Library for Microsoft Windows:   bfpserver.dll
Library for Unix/Linux:

Transfer data on network
Data transfer is done by TCP protocol.
Open and private modes.
Private data mode is protected by SSL (OpenSSL).
Using certificates for mutual authentication of server and clients (recommended and used by default)

Interface for administrator
Special software for administrator's workstation to enroll and other administrative tasks.
Optionally: same tasks, but only with WWW interface.
Administrator's management and contol interface is standard WWW.
Addional interface: serial console (initial configuration and special diagnostics)

Logging and diagnostics
Detail logging for all functions (request time, type request and other)
Reports are in HTML format.

Server configuration
Standalone server:   single
Redundant:   primary server and backup server(s)
Cluster:   N servers according customer's requirements

Add-ons for server software by customer's request
Is is possible any add-ons as complex disciplines and cases of searching, integration with foreign databases and so on.

Store confidential and other critical information on server
Any information could be stored on server (really it's storage with biometric access control). It is possible to encrypt on client's side the critical information and put it on server for one or more persons, using server's library on client. Now any person can get this information only if this person will be successfully authenticated by server and in this case a data will received by the client from the server. But, if this person don't have decryption key for these data, then it is impossible to read original information. If assymetric cryptography is used then it is impossible also the information modification. Good examples for such exchange - bank deposits, confidential information transfer through public storages and so on.

License for server
Each server comes with a license key.
In this key is stored an information about server's hardware, software, server's type and so on.
A server's work is impossible without the license key.

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