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Biometric FingerPrint Authentication for BSD/Linux


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Kernel modules: Kernel modules as scanner drivers

General Introduction

Kernel Modules were developed to provide alternative access to the scanner's hardware. The BFPSDK package is usually used the application library libusb. But, sometimes, you will be used only kernel module because limitations of system software or maybe other reasons. The kernel modules are developed only for FreeBSD and Linux platforms.

Hardware Requirements

See BFPSDK's page for reference.

Software Requirements (Operating Systems)

FreeBSD 4.7 or higher,   Linux (kernels 2.2.x, 2.4.x, 2.6.x)

Hardware Installation

See BFPSDK's page for reference.

Software Installation

In the supplied documentation you will find a more detail instructions, but following steps will be enough to run kernel module.

1. Load kernel sources (Linux or FreeBSD), otherwise you will unable to build kernel modules.
2. Download kernel module source for your platform, for example, into directory /usr/local/src/kernel:   cd /usr/local/src/kernel
      Unarchive tarball package:   tar xzf <sources>.tar.gz
      FreeBSD notes:   kernel module is called uscan_bfp.
      Linux notes:   kernel module is called uscanner.
3. Go to this directory.
4. Build module from sources:   make
5. If module succefully built, then deattach biometric scanner.
6. If neccessary then make device node (see build.txt).
7. Load the kernel module.
      FreeBSD notes:   kldload uscan_bfp.ko
      Linux kernel 2.2 and 2.4 notes:   insmod uscannner.o
      Linux kernel 2.6 notes:   insmod uscannner.ko
8. Attach scanner again.
9. System must report about successful attachment hardware to driver/module.
10. Edit configuration file /usr/local/etc/bfpsdk.conf to switch from libusb to kernel module.
      Hints:   use_libusb=0 and correct device statement if neccessary (usually device_name_0="/dev/uscanner0").
11. Now run to test demo programs from BFPSDK or log on system using PAM_BFP.

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