Finger on scanner.

Biometric FingerPrint Authentication for BSD/Linux


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Software Brief Description

In the following sections you will find the more detail description of each software package.
The biometric software consists of the following parts:

1. Kernel modules are provided the access to the scanner's hardware for the user applications.

2. Biometric FingerPrint Software Development Kit (BFPSDK) is the main package which is required for any other software (except kernel modules and libusb library). This package are contained basic biometric functions to get image, transform image to template, compare templates.

3. Pluggable Authentication Module with Biometric FingerPrint (PAM_BFP) is the authentication module's implementation based on the standard authentication mechanism that is widely used in UNIX world. This module is supported the local authentication on the local database and the network authentication on the network database with the authentication network server BFPSERVER.

4. Biometric FingerPrint Authentication Server (BFPSERVER) is the network server to authenticate user or authenticate user's access to miscellaneous resources. This server has a portable impementation and very effective basic subset of functions that are allowed to develop and use practically any scheme with the biometric authentication.

Software Packages

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